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Our breakfast

breakfast buffet
breakfast buffet i artemis hotel naxos
local fresh eggs
homemade pies by artemis hotel
homemade pies,cheese,spinash,pepper,mash
black bread with dips
fresh,bread,breakfast,handmade,artemis h
peper and spices
chocoate cake, nut cake, orange cake
fresh fruits,strawberries,melon,orange,g
breakfast with flakes,granola and fruits
local olive oil and nuts
hoemade jam, orange,grape,strawberry,fig
bread with local cheese,tomato and fresh
local cheeses
preparing artemis hotel's breakfast
yoghurt with fruits
homemade cookies
cereal bars
homemade cake
some powdered sugar for the cake
herbs and teas
greek coffee,filter,espresso
herbs for all times
arttemis hotel breakfast buffet,naxos
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